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PPoPP 2021
Sat 27 February - Wed 3 March 2021

We use Whova, Slack, and Zoom to run PPoPP/CGO/HPCA/CC virtually in addition to the publicly-available traditional web pages of individual conferences.


  • Whova is used for registration.
  • It also holds information that should be offered to those who register for the conference, such as
    • Links to the pre-recorded videos.
    • Links to the pdf files of the papers.
    • Links to the Slack threads for discussion of the papers.
    • Links to the Zoom webinars for the live sessions, workshops, tutorials, keynote speeches, business meetings, and DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusion) joint panel session.


  • All the Zoom links are available in Whova.
  • When a certain session is live (including keynote speeches and the joint panel session), ask questions through Zoom, not Slack or Whova. This will help the session chairs to focus on one tool, which will facilitate smooth discussion during the session.


  • If the corresponding session is not live, please use Slack, not Whova or Zoom, for Q&A and discussion of the technical papers.
  • The invitation link for Slack workspace is avalaible in Whova.
  • A Slack channel is generated per session. Thus, three to four papers share a single Slack channel (we are following the model of PLDI 2020). One thread is created per technical paper, and the corresponding link to the paper thread is provided. (Please find the link under each paper sub-session in Whova.)
  • Please post a question or an opinion as a reply in the specific paper thread. This will help prevent various topics of different papers from getting tangled in a Slack channel. (Note that there are three to four paper threads in a single slack channel.)
  • However, when a certain session is live through Zoom, please refrain from using Slack and ask questions through Zoom. Once the session is over, feel free to resume using Slack.

Further notes:

  • Please do not share the links and passwords in Whova with those who do not register for the conferences. This will protect us from copyright-related issues and Zoom-bombing.
  • For those who cannot view the embedded videos in Whova, use the links to the video files instead.
  • Use the community feature to ask questions about logistics (e.g., through Ask Organizers Anything on Whova and #help channel on Slack).
  • Most features are self-explanatory, but as a last resort, feel free to contact general chairs.